Working at Kim & Lee

Advisory, Audit & Aussurance, Consulting, and Tax

Our Culture

Every organization has its own unique culture. No two firms are alike, and it’s important that you find one that not only will help you meet your career goals, but where you will feel like part of the family. Describing what it’s like to work in our office on a daily basis is difficult to put in words. But we’ll try. If you were to talk to our staff, you would hear Kim & Lee believes that:

  • Client service is everyone’s priority. Everything we do comes back to helping our clients. Actually, we pride ourselves on doing the best we can to help our clients with any need they have, and we look for team members who support that same philosophy.
  • Well-rounded professional make better professionals. Other firms make you pick a specialty and you only work in that area. That’s not how we do it. Rather, we focus on providing team members with experiences in all areas of tax, accounting and audit. If you later decide to build a specialty, we’ll support your efforts.
  • Questions should be encouraged and answered. Partners and managers have an open-door policy and encourage questions. The only “stupid” questions are the ones you don’t ask. This mindset well help you learn quicker as you build your knowledgebase and skill set.
  • Flexibility helps you better manage life and work. This is a deadline driven profession, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still flexibility. If you have to come in late after a doctor’s appointment or leave a little early to attend a child’s sporting event, we’ll work with you to make that happen as long as we’re meeting client expectations.
  • Communicating with clients is imperative. Part of being a well rounded professional means you know how to communicate with clients. Early on in your career, we’ll encourage you to call clients with questions and requests. It helps you improve your skills, strengthens our client relationships and allows us to provide superior client service.
  • You need feedback on performance. Everyone wants to know how they are doing and how they can improve. Our partners will meet with staff to set expectations and share ways they can become stronger professionals.
  • Teams are cohesive. With a focus on using small team to service clients, teamwork is fundamental to our success. Everyone helps one another out; they communicate and work well together. Team members are regularly seen heading out to lunch together to build friendships that expand outside of the office.
  • Work should be challenging. When you are ambitious and driven, you want to learn more and take on added responsibility. The work we do for our clients isn’t the easiest, but if you put in the time and effort, your potential is unlimited. Since no two situations are alike, the work is never the same either.
  • Hiring should be for the long-term. People who join our firm stay for a long time. Some firms hire to fill immediate needs and then lay people off when the work goes away. We don’t do that. We want you to have a long and rewarding career with us.

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